The whales in red are found in Katchemak Bay.

Kingdom: Animalia
  Phylum: Chordata (vertebrates)
    Class: Mammalia (mammals)
      Order: Cetacea (whales)
Includes 3 sub-orders with 13 families and 83 different species.
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Sub-orders: There 3 sub-orders: Mysticeti, Odontoceti, and Archaeocetibaleen plates
. Mysticeti (baleen whales) -

      Includes blue whales, humpback whales, gray whales and right whales.
      Blue Whales
      Humpback Whales
      Gray Whales
      Whale behavior.
      What you should know about baleen whales.
There are 12 baleen whale species divided into 4 families: right, pygmy right, gray and rorqual whales.

1. Right Whales - Right whales were called the "right" whales to catch by early hunters because they are large, swim slowly, have long baleen plates, contain lots of oil, and float when killed. Right whales have no dorsal fin, no throat grooves, and extremely long baleen plates contained in a hugely arched jaw. There are three species of right whales: the Northern right whale, Southern right whale, and bowhead whale.
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                  2. Pygmy Right Whales - Unlike other members of the right whale family, the pygmy right whale has a dorsal fin. Sometimes the pygmy right whales are classified with the right whales.
    3. Rorqual Whales - Rorqual whales are relatively streamlined in appearance, many throat grooves, a small dorsal fin, and shorter baleen plates, and have pointed heads and small pointed fins. They can be distinguished from other whales by many (25-90) deep groves along their throats that expand when they feed. There are 8 species of rorqual whales: the humpback whale, fin whale, Bryde's whale, blue whale, northern minke, antarctic minke, Eden's ("small-type") whale.

    4. Gray Whales - Gray whales are gray in color and their skin is encrusted with barnacles and a unique species of small crustaceans known as "whale lice." The gray whale has a few throat grooves, short baleen plates, and a small dorsal hump followed by a series of bumps. Only one species - the gray whale. 

             Odontoceti (toothed whales) - These whales have teeth and a single blowhole.
    Includes killer whales, dolphins, porpoises, manatees, beluga whales, and sperm whales.
                Killer or Orca Whales

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    Where are beluga whales found in the wild?
    Where is the beluga's dorsal fin?
    What/How much do belugas eat?
    How long do belugas live?
    How fast can belugas swim?
    How long can belugas hold their breath?
    What are threats to belugas in the wild?
    What is the gestation period for beluga whales?
    Do beluga whales mate for life?
    Does Shedd have room for any more whales?
    What is a beluga calf's size at birth?
    What does a calf look like?
    How is a beluga calf born?
    What is the nursing period for beluga whales?
    How long will the mother and calf remain a pair?

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    Bottlenose Dolphins


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            Archaeoceti (which are all now extinct), which includes primitive whales from the Eocene
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